Bishop Max's Gallon Humidifier Protocol!

Ok you bunch of sissy's who are unable to drink the real McCoy! The wonderful and outstanding Jim Humbles way of taking Protocol 1000, and you are to squeamish to drink even one drop of MMS1, Well here is a way, to get your chlorine dioxide a going into that flimsy body of yours Ok.... You will be amazed and astounded at my new method. It is now proven to be effective at purifying your body. It is so easy a caveman can do it. No taste, and your can consume 100 to 200 drops in 24 hours. Their are hundreds of people who are hooked on "Bishop Max's 1 gallon Humidifier Protocol". Get the "Vicks" unit at the Walmart Pharmacy near you for about $54 US. I have used this for 7 months now. Don't be cheap and get the small ones. Go ahead and get 2 of the gallon units. Now it looks like it might make a wet mess, but it will not. Every molecule of oxygen is in-fuzzed with chlorine dioxide. You are actually breathing in billions of chlorine dioxide molecules each hour, which is making you invincible people! .... and no I have not counted them Lol.

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